Last week we did the first shoot for ‘add some sugar’ blog. Rummaging through my wardrobe I wanted to find the perfect pieces to reflect the look I was going for. I am feeling colour! So I’m trying to steer clear of black. This can be difficult because it’s just so slimming. But, these young models are going to be having fun in colour and accessories.

So, I pulled out everything bright and girlie and found myself surrounded by piles of clothes  stacked up on my bed and couch and scattered around the floor. My sisters says “it’s funny that the wardrobe still looks full even when all these clothes are out” I guess it helps having sisters, makes the wardrobe twice as big. Next, I searched my mum’s jewellery box for some vintage pieces and called up my sister for her bright eyed make-up! Perfect!

Clothes, shoes and everything else got piled into a suit case.  I started to wonder whether I should take them all or pre-plan and pick out the exact outfits before…Hrm, I took them all. We’ll just go in the inspiration of the moment. Make-up hair, done, Ok , so we’re ready to start.

We were out the back of my friends place using his studio. He’s also the photographer and another fashion lover. Not sure if his love for fashion started the same way as me…princess dress-ups from childhood…hrm, that’s a funny thought. Anyway, he was keen to use his studio and take some shots.

Well, thousands of shots later we were done. They turned out pretty good. You’ll like them!

BJ xx