Women are different to men. It’s obvious. You can see it physically and in their personality. From the very first day that we are born our spirit inside of us is that of a specific gender. As we grown, our characteristics, our thinking, our likes and dislikes are influenced so much by our gender. Of course there are different levels of girliness in girls and boyiness in boys, but generally we are different, it’s a given, form the very day we are born.

I notice that the great women throughout time women have been portrayed as kind, generous, loving, nurturing, pure, leaders and strong. But so many seem to be loosing site of this true womenhood portrayal. Now we can be everything and anything. Which is a great thing, but also a bad thing.

The media portrays us in so many different ways. We are no different to men, yet we are often the shown sex icon, posing to help sell products. We are influences to buy clothing that is way too revealing, and then when worn, we are thought of as permiscuous or ‘easy’.  We ae encouraged to seek out a career, climb the corporate ladder, but then torn when having to send children to be raised by the day care.

I think that women throughout the world can become confused with there true identity. Who are they, what is their real mission in life. What does their heart really tell them. What does there gut tell them. We each have our own unique personalities, cultures, religions, lifestyles and interests but I believe that all women need to stay true to the eternal identity. There needs to be more women who are true to their eternal and wonderful womenhood.

There are enough women who are hard, we need more who are kind. There are enough women who are selfish, we need more to serve. There are enough women who are immoral, we need more who are virtuous. There are enough women who are tough, we need more who are feminine. There are enough women who gossip, we need more to speak kind words. There are enough women of the world, we need more who are of God.

Women need to love it that they are women! This is the divine identity that we were given. Embrace it! I believe as we stand up as women and treat oursleves as elegant and precious ladies, as daughters of God, we will find that more people around us will treat us as elegant and precious ladies, as daughters of God. There will be more flattery, more chivalry, more gentlemeness, more respect!

My sisters out there, you are jewels, please realise it.

BJ xx