After just coming home from a mission you’d think I’d be tired of wearing long skirts. Before I left, the thought of having to wear a long skirt everyday for 18 months was not very appealing. At all. But now I am home, I have found myself continuing to wear long skirts, even though I could be wearing jeans, I just love this trend. One of my friends keeps saying, ‘why are  you still wearing missionary skirts?’. I just shrug my shoulders and smile.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had those days where we thought our skirt was a good length, but then, as we actually wore it around we had to keep pulling it down and pulling it down – not a good look. Long skirts are comfortable, modest, flattering and stylish. So, I couldn’t get it out of my mind that I wanted to share my love for long skirts and try to get more people to wear them. I just had to ask Robbie to do another shoot at his house and even though he apparently had no sleep the night before, he was up from some fashion fun! He loves to get any opportunity to use his backyard studio.

Take a look at these styles. Tell me, what do you think.

Mel is modelling here. She was a little shy at first but looks great! Doesn’t she?

I’ve had this dress for so long. I made it about 4 years ago. Just styling it in different ways keeps it fresh.


This skirt was so cheap ages ago our friend was moving and selling a whole heap of her clothes. It’s vintage.

I love op-shops or thrift stores. This skirt is so old school! I love it. Easy style with a slightly oversized T-Shirts, bold necklace. You could style this easy as.

This top is vintage! I put it with the denim skirt to dress it down a bit. The boots also give it an edgy look.


Looking for dresses that have sleeves and are a good length? Look in vintage stores! Believe it or not but people used to dress a lot more modestly. This dress, 10 Aussie dollars! bargain!

I am pretty sure my Grandma/Nanna gave me this skirt. I love clothes that have been places!

I seriously don’t know where my mum got this skirt but I just found it hanging in the cupboard one day! As soon as I saw it, I knew I loved it! Haven’t had an opportunity to wear it yet though. From looking at the tag I am pretty sure it’s vintage!

Have you ever showed your mum your latest purchase and she then says something along the lines of ‘oh I used to wear something just like that when I was young’? Yep, happens to me all the time. So, why not ask your mum if she still has any clothes from when she was young! This belt was hers! I love the big buckle, and because it doesn’t always fit, I just knot the belt!

Now, beautiful girls, don’t think its grandma to wear a skirt that goes beyond the knee! It’s easy style. Just rock it with confidence! Know that even though you are not showing as much skin, you are showing the radiance of a virteous women, who doesn’t need attention or approval by showing skin!  You will look and BE beautiful!

Please make a comment and tell us what YOU think of long skirts?