I can be the same as many of you women out there, wishing to be just a bit skinnier. Especially after looking at the magazines and seeing the tiny, long, glamorous figures on every page. Why oh why can’t we step back in time and see the beauty of the Marilyn Monrogue curves? Or the beauty in the goddesses of ancient paintings and sculptures. Their soft lines, no hard edges.  But the other day I came across a glimmer of hope!

I was on the train to the city reading a Vogue Magazine and came across this interesting article about Chelsae Bonner’s new modeling agency BELLA, a modeling agency for ‘average’ sized women!

Chelsae Bonner talks about how her life started in the fashion industry from a young age because her mother was a model. She ended up working as an agent for many modeling agencies in Australia.  She loved being able to help creative people reach their dreams. Seeing stylist, make-up artists, models and photographers make it big.

She always noticed that the ‘plus sized’ models who got jobs were older and mumsy and that many regular models went to extreme lengths to stay at their small size. However, it wasn’t until she saw her younger sister,  a model, fighting through anorexia, that she realized she had to do something.

That’s how BELLA modeling agency started. For those women who were ‘too big’ to get contracts with any other modeling agency. These are women who are sized 10-16! These are young women who are beautiful and healthy seen in high fashion! I was excited to read this and see some of the images, especially of plus sized model  Robyn Lawley, who looks stunning in her curves! Because, lets face it, some of us literally will never be a size 6, our body just naturally can’t get that small. It will be nice to see a variety of portrayals of beauty in the high fashion magazines. Some skinning girls, some bigger girls. We are all different shapes and sizes!

I always try to remind myself that I need to love my body shape. After all, we didn’t choose what height we would be, or what proportions we would have. This body that we are given is a gift from God. Lets love it. We must look after it the best we can, and appreciate it the best we can. Let it radiate in it’s best a truest form, whatever yours may be! As you truly love yourself (in an non-prideful way), you will be happier, and so much more beautiful… That deep beauty, from within.

(Follow this link to read the entire article from Chelsae Bonner)

Make a comment and tell me how you feel about the current portrayals of women in the fashion industry?

BJ xx