Have I ever told you what I really want to do in the fashion industry? Well, it’s Bridal. I want to create brides dresses. I don’t know why but I just love it. As hard as the process can be, the tedious sewing and fitting. I just love the end result. I want to create dream dresses that a women feels amazing in, for their special day. And especially one day create and design modest bridal dresses (the need for modesty is what keeps me going)!

Grace Kelly’s Wedding dress. I love it!


I have done the university side of this career dream. Now that I am home from my mission, I am trying to get that first step into the industry…sometimes the hardest step. But I am determined to make it into a bridal couture house. So next week I am going to Sydney to make another attempted step into it all. I am doing some work experience. I am pretty excited to learn more and going to Sydney will be pretty great too. I haven’t been there since I was a tiny kid.

But it’s just 1 suitcase and so many days!…definately not enough room for everything.  I’ll have to make a challenge for myself! How many different outfits with minimal items. It could be fun! Stay posted and I will keep you updated on my favorite looks in Sydney. Modest outfits everyday…

On another thought…I just love it… Dressing modestly that is. As a teenager I thought it was frustrating, but it’s no question anymore, it’s just who I am. I used to always want to wear those smaller clothes and I didn’t want to stand out by being the only one with sleeves. But now, modesty it’s just so normal, so me. These simple everyday choices have made my character and still do. Within me, I know it’s one of those right things to do.

Tell us, what makes you choose modesty?

BJ xx