“For the hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world.” (From a poem by William Ross Wallace)

This quote came to my mind today, it being Mothers Day!

I love how it is celebrating motherhood! And implying a wonderful concept- that mothers have the greatest influence on the world. Ultimately, it’s the mother who has the most profound influence on a child’s character and who they become.  Today’s children are tomorrows people, so collectively, mothers ‘rule’ the world.

That thought makes it seem like a more important job! Too many times the role of motherhood is degraded, it’s importance underrated. But it is the greatest most important role a woman can take on in this life. It doesn’t have to be the only role. Just like how I want to make brides dresses, I’m sure you have things you want to do and that’s awesome! Only remember that when your mother time comes, that should be your priority!

Although I haven’t had children yet and I admittedly squirm when I hear ladies talk about their horrific , scary, painful, exhausting, emotional, special…baby experiences…I honestly think it is amazing that another human life, another spirit, can grow within in me (So I’m willing to put up with the unfortunate quirks). It is a miracle if you ask me. I know that I cannot go through this course of life and not take on the role of mother at some point. No women should. It is within our divine identity, our eternal destiny and just our nature, to be a mother. It is a gift from God! Besides, it’d be pretty awesome to rule the world (and a baby bump looks adorable)!

When the time comes, I’ll give it my all. I’m so grateful for my mother, that she gave her greatest efforts in those crucial young years of my life…she helped me become me.

Tell me, what has your mother done that you are grateful for?

BJ xx