So the fact is, most of us don’t have ‘perfect’ bodies, that curve in all the right places and are in the right proportions and never have excess fat and bloatedness. But…I think all of us are beautiful. We just need to dress our figure properly!

One great and very simple tip I have is to wear slips/petticoat! Ok, so I know you’re thinking, ‘this is very old-fashioned and maybe a bit grandma’, but let me give you my reasoning…

Most dresses and skirts these days don’t have a lining (usually to cut manufacturing costs), therefore they tend to cling more in some of the wrong places because there’s only one little layer of fabric. Especially the stretchy fabrics. And they both cling more when you start walking and moving around. Adding a slip is like adding a lining. It allows the outer fabric to flow more nicely over your female curves because of the two layers. This will help prevent unattractive clinging.

Give it a try if you think it’s needed. Go for a pretty silky slip. There are skirt ones and dress ones. But make sure it doesn’t show though…bad look.

Tell me if it helps you?

BJ xx