I’m in Sydney. I managed to pack only 25 kg. Yes, it was a slight struggle, there were many things I wished I could bring. But, I’ll managed for three weeks. You gotta like a challenge, right!
Starting the first day anywhere always makes someone nervous. And I was a little bit, have to admit. As I arrived at the big building and entered the lifts those butterflies were going on inside. But the friendly greetings and smiles were enough to make me feel all good. First day was great!
During lunch yesterday the lady sitting across from me was reading one those gossip magazines. As I peeked at what she was reading the headline on one of the pages caught my eye. It said ‘soft is the new skinny’, with a picture of Kim Kardashian’s curved figure. This made me smile.
It’s so much easier for women to obtain this look then the extra skinny! I think for a lot of women it’s more natural. Fair enough if you are naturally not curved, but if you are curved (like me) get ready to embrace it!
So smile with me! Your natural healthy curves are gorgeous :)

(Just like Marilyn)


What do you think of this new headline?

BJ xx