Poetry. There’s something special about this form of expressing our inner self.
Last night I was able to spend time with some people listening to and sharing sweet expressions of love, pain, fear, hope, faith through poetry…ok so I have to admit some of them weren’t exactly sweet, they were maybe a bit cheesy and funny but wonderful all the same. The people attending dived into their inner creative self and wrote down these words in sequences that somehow made the sentences have so much more expression and meaning.
This made me think, we all have a creative inner-self, I believe we do, it’s written in our genes or in our spirit. Yes, some have it more then others. But we all have a desire to create something! God created you. Uniquely, individually, perfectly. Discover all the gifts He’s created within you.
Write a poem, draw a picture, sing a song, dance, wear more color, cook something interesting, redecorate your room, change your style! Whatever creative thing it is! Do it! And make life more exciting more fulfilling! Connect more with you.

(a vintage coat for everyday. Worn whilst hearing poetry, and many more creative things to come)

Tell me, what is something creative you are going to do?

BJ xx