Yesterday I was sitting at work sewing away and reminiscing on the past. I remember years ago, when I was half way through my uni course I was thinking about giving up on the fashion industry. I remember saying to my dad that I don’t think I can work in this industry. I can’t handle all the worldliness and focus on possessions. I don’t know if I can be apart of the superficial. I was kind of torn. But my wonderful father said something along the lines of “in any industry, you can make it what you want”.
As I thought about this statement, my spirits lifted. Dad helped me realize that I can be apart of it. I don’t have to be worldly or superficial. But I can be creative, I can do what I enjoy, I can be an example or a leader in this industry. I can make the choice.
There are so many good things in the world, that maybe don’t really matter to our eternal salvation, but are wonderful to just enjoy, as we choose to make them what we make them.

Just like these shoes…whatever pair you choose, you will be the one walking in them! :)


(found these at a vintage store!)

Tell me, what is something you love to do in this world?

BJ xx