Along the lines of my last post about finding modest clothes vintage shopping. I have another tip! Shop online! I love shopping online! Yes, there is risk involved because you can’t try it on but the benefit is that you can file through hundreds of clothes at the click of a button!
Pretty sure you’ve experienced the whole walking from store to store hour after hour trying to find something that works for you and is modest and have no luck! Online you can type in what you are looking for (eg. Knee length skirt).
One store I find really great is called ASOS. I love this site because you can also type in the price range! And you’ve all heard of EBay! There can be pretty good finds on there too! Most if your favorite stores are going online also!
Be sure to buy items that have a similar shape or cut to clothes you already have, then you can be certain it suits your body type. Also, the online stores have sizing charts to help you get the right fit. If its a skirt or pants you want to purchase only worry about he hip and waist circumference. If its a top or jacket only worry about the waist and bust circumference. Give it a try! Plus, it’s pretty exciting getting mail!

I was thinking yesterday about why I don’t really find it frustrating anymore to dress modest…I have come to a conclusion! I need to share it with you because I think it’s a awesome tip! It’s because I don’t have immodest clothes!
Generally, if it doesn’t have sleeves, if it’s too short, if it’s low cut…I don’t buy it! Then I don’t have to worry about finding a top to go under it or a cardi to go over it or leggings etc. Therefore I don’t get frustrated from trying to make it work (because I know it can be frustrating!).
This is something that’s helped me have good getting-ready-for-the-day experiences. I hope it will help you! Because dressing modestly is a joy! You are doing what your father in Heaven wants…you are his daughter! :)

Here’s my look for today!




Do you have a tip on how to find modest clothes? What has helped you?

BJ xx