What a wonderful day of being exposed to culture and diversity. I went to an exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. I specifically went to view a special exhibit on modest fashion! These beautiful, fashionable, Muslim women share what it’s like to be modest in Australia.

Even thought this is a different faith to mine, our thoughts on modesty vary a little, it just made me smile to see modest fashion in the spotlight! Visit hear to find our more about this exhibit.

(Garments created for muslim women. Perfect for LDS women too!)

“I like to try different styles, I don’t set my mind into one category because I like to be open minded about creativity because that’s what creativity is about – not just about one certain aspect, but you can branch into different areas of it. So, I would call my style ’open’.” Mya

(I would so wear this)

“I believe that God has given me so many blessings, and I am so grateful for the form in which he has created me.” Rayan Marabani

(One women said that her modesty, made her more confident!)

 “It was far more important to me to be comfortable and within my religion than to be fashionable. I like styles that are elegant and respect a woman’s body rather than exposing it – timeless designs that appear simple but are rather the most complicated in their making.” Arwa El Masri

(The pink flowers! Love!)

“Modesty is an important aspect of the faith but to reduce it to just the way we dress would be an unfortunate reduction.” Susan Carland

(The modest fashion market is emerging! Love this neckline)

“I would describe my style as quirky, personal, what I feel like on the day. A lot of bright colours. I shop anywhere where there’s a bargain. My favourite price is probably $10. Anything that has a $10 sign, I’m there.” Delina

(Beautifully covered)

“The women out there who are my role models aren’t necessarily in the media or out in the public, but for me it’s about their strong attitude, willingness and persistence.” Meca Laalaa

(They say their modesty, is their choice!)

If you believe in modest dress, whether you’re Mormon or Muslim, or anything else, always stand up for it! Know that your deep beauty is shining!

What are your thoughts?

BJ xx