Time is precious. We are all given the exact same amount, and it is up to us how we use it. That is why we don’t want to waste too many hours of our lives getting ourselves ready for the day! Some of us would much rather…sleep in!

Here is my first tip on how you can have faster getting ready experiences.

Tip #1 Organize yourself! Getting your wardrobe area in order will allow for inspiration to flow much more readily. You wont have to search high and low for the other shoe (yes, it has happened to me). Or feel so flustered because everything is a mess or just disorganised!

Here are some easy ideas on how you can organise your wardrobe better. These have done well for me:

1. Sort! Pull out all your clothes.That’s right! All of them. Even all the random socks, bras and undies!  You must make a mess, but it will be worth while (you may even discover some long-lost treasures). Start sorting and make a pile of definitelys, maybes and definitely nots (please, please do not be a hauder and keep it because you might fit into it one day…having the ‘too small’ items in your wardrobe will not bring positive getting ready experiences. Just let it go). Try on items of clothing in the maybe pile to help you decide. Ask yourself: Do I feel good in this? Would I definitely wear this? Does it still reflect my style? Is it modest? If the answer is no, send it away (the opp-shops and thrift stores will be happy to accept your donations!)

(Tops together, then skirts)

2. Create categories. I like to put my clothes in categories of items. What I mean is that all the skirts hang together, all the dressy tops hang together, the cardigans hang together, the dresses and the coats. I have jeans in one draw, gym clothes in another draw, casual T-Shirts etc. etc. An important aspect of this is that you have enough coat hangers (and please go and purchase some decent coat hangers! Ones with metal clippers are a must for skirts and dressy pants!) It helps to be able to see your clothes easily. If items are ‘double hung’, you can’t see them, therefore they are less likely to pop out at you when you are trying to decide what to wear.


(Skirts on metal clip hangers)

3. Make it easily seen. For the items that you choose to fold in draws, a great alternative to ‘folding’ is to roll them and sort them in the draw so you can see every item at a glance, as oppose to stacking them up folded and items being left at the bottom, forgotten.

4. Organise your accessories. There are many great storage and decor options. Like hooks for scarfs and belts, display packages for jewelry, shelves or boxes for shoes (if you choose to have boxes, use clear ones and stick a photo on the front so you can see it easily). I like to have all these things, shoes, jewels, scarfs, easily seen so I can make quick choices.

(This ‘jewelry hanger’ is actually a mug hanger…I think it works better for earings, rings, bracelets and short necklaces)

(This is a metal hook rack. Only  a couple of dollars at $2 store)

(I like to have shoes on display)

(This is easy for storing necklaces)

When I was a teenager I was horrible at keeping my room in order (like most teenagers). Lets just say you almost couldn’t see the floor there were so many clothes everywhere! My Dad used to always tell me ‘If you can organise your room, you  can organise your life’, in more recent times, I kinda believe him. So get organised in your own space! It will help you get ready faster, giving you more time to sleep in…or anything else you want to do! And it will be the beginnings of a more organised and sucessful you :)

I hope these tips help! I know it has helped me.

Keep posted for more tips on ‘how to get ready quickly’

What have you done to organise your wadrove better?

BJ xx