Have you all tried organising your wardrobe? I hope it has helped you save some time in the morning! Here is my second tip on how to have faster getting ready experiences:

Know some easy up-do’s!

Instead of washing your hair every morning (which is apparently not healthy for your hair anyway) try some ‘my hair is kinda dirty’ styles for the mornings you have less time. Here are a few ideas ( I thought I’d make some clips to show these ideas best):

A braid across the front. This one is a style I opt for all the time (it’s a life saver when that fringe (or bangs) just wont sit right.)

Throw on a scarf. I love head scarfs! The can look great and are a fast easy way to style you hair.

A high pony. This is an instant face lift. It is a flattering style on pretty much everyone.

Once you’ve done a high pony you can turn it into a high bun on the top of your head. This is a quick easy hairstyle also.

Give these quick easy styles a try. Let us know if you have some ideas too!

BJ xx