(My little sister is a fabulous model)

It’s funny how I’ve recently been posting about ‘how to get ready quickly’ and just yesterday I had one of those uninspired distaster mornings where it took me a ridiculous hour and a half to get myself ready (that’s just waaaaay too long… I didn’t even do any Yoga)! So I thought I’d let you know…that even though these tips help me out most mornings…it doesn’t work every morning :).

But it lead me into thinking about what other things could help one get ready faster. Here are just some simple ideas that might help (might help me! ha!):

– Have a quicker shower! At one stage in Australia we had water restrictions and were only allowed to have 4 minute showers! I need to attempt to go back to that (and help save the planet at the same time by using less water!) Maybe 4 minutes is extreem for you but try to cut it back a little.

(One of my sisters best friends)

– Listen to music while you get ready! Your favortie music always makes you smile, right?! Well, this can get you starting the day off happy and feeling good in the first thing you put on (because I really dislike having to change what I’m wearing several times before I feel satisfied).

– Wear the first thing you put on! Most of the time I do, but the other day (when I took way to long to get ready) I kept changing my mind and then ages later ended up wearing the first thing I put on anyway (such a waste of time).

– Think about what you’re going to wear before you wear it. So while you’re having that attempted quick shower, think of at least one item you really want to wear that day…work out some combinations in your mind and then wear it!

(Young Alex, a Miranda Kerr look alike)

– Tell yourself (and listen!) that you’re beautiful…because you are OK!

Saving time on getting ready will give you more time to spend on other activities that are, yes, far more important then making ourselves look pretty. Some things that I am wanting/trying to spend more hours in the morning on are scripture study and yoga!

Do you have any ideas on how us ladies can get ready quicker?

BJ xx