Doooo, do, do, doowaoaoao …Don’t worry, be happy…those words have been running through my head ever since I posted this video a few days ago. So simple, so true. Yet, the don’t worrying, and the be happying can sometimes come later then we want….let me share :)

Having this new month of July set in I realised I’ve been home from my full-time missionary service for almost 6 months now (time goes way too fast). When I was finishing my mission, I was so excited to be able to see my family! I hadn’t seen and had hardly spoken to them for a year and a half. The first time I saw my Mum and Dad (they came to Salt Lake City to pick me up) there were definitely tears and long embraces. And then seeing the rest of my family at the Melbourne airport was the greatest (my nieces and nephews had definitely changed the most!).

At the beginning of my mission in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (Aug 2010)

The first few weeks of being home were a dream. Seeing friends. The place I live. Hearing familiar accents. Being near the ocean. Eating Vegemite :)… all the things I forgot I had missed… But then reality set in. I was no longer a missionary. I was not teaching and preaching. I had no badge on. No great purpose in each day. I had to make choices…choices about life, about my future (as a missionary, you only have to worry about being a missionary. It’s full-time amazing volunteer work).

I felt truly sad, out-of-place, worried, unsure, pointless. I had been warned that returned missionaries go on downward inclines shortly after returning. I was like ‘nah that’s not gonna happen to me’. But, it did. Then, luckily, time took its toll (plus I gave myself a lot of in-my-mind ‘pep-talks’) and things got better, I was slowly ‘not worrying’. I also read scriptures and prayed, made decisions, lived life (my beliefs helped me  too). I’ve gone on a few tips and turns, ups and downs. But eventually the ‘being happy’ set in!

I’ve realised that my life right now is blessed with so many wonderful things! I can’t live in the past, I can’t live in the future, I must live in the present and be the happiest and greatest at the stage of life I’m at now.

I’m not sharing this for sympathy, not at all, but to just maybe help someone else that’s having a hard day, month, year (you’re not alone in it, and you wont always be stuck in it)…I’m not perfect, life isn’t, it isn’t for anyone. But we can choose to be happy.

Close to the end of my missionary service (Dec 2011)

P.S. My missionary style got slightly better towards the end (Female missionaries have to wear longish skirts and be ‘businessy’ looking…the one thing I was not looking forward to about being a missionary. But you’ll see in my posts here, here and here that I learnt to embrace long skirts, they actually can look good).

Share more soon.

BJ xx