I have rediscovered my love for vintage brooches. Perfect statement jewel.

This morning I have been doing a bit of armature filming! You see, I want to share with you what my next endeavours in life are. The best and funnest way is via a little clip! It’s not ready yet, but you must come back very soon and take a look.

I love to share these things with you because it kind of helps motivate me. You never know who else is wanting to do the same thing as you or whether there’s someone who can help you or support you and just say ‘yeah, you can do it!’ Or maybe there’s someone else who’s done it before and can give you advice along the way!

There is risk involved in sharing my pursuits with people…I may fail miserably and have to suffer from utter embarrassment of being a complete  failure and having everyone whiteness…but I’m willing to risk it! And failing, if it were to happen, I’m sure isn’t all that bad. Don’t they always say we learn from our mistakes. Anyway, who’s being all negative here! There will be no failing! Just…small or large success. Yes! That’s a much better way to put it! Small or large success!

Stay tuned.

BJ xx