I’m loving the Olympics this year. I will shamefully admit that past olympic games have passed by without me taking much notice. I know, I know, it’s not good. But this time, whenever I start sitting in front of the TV watching, I find myself staying up way too late. I get sucked into the excitement, the passion, the anxiety, the patriotism, the competitiveness and sometimes I even let the eyes well up… just a little.

It is amazing and inspiring seeing the dedication, the commitment and hard-earned talent of these athletes. But it’s also crushing seeing the frustration of losing that gold, that dream…by what sometimes is just a 100th of a second! The tiniest most miniscule bit. Yet they didn’t win. Only one can, after all.

Luckily, in the race of life (as some call it) there’s more than one gold medal…in fact, there are endless amounts of medals. Numberless winners. And a multitude of ways to see success!

Go for the gold in your life…whatever it may be.

BJ xx