(This past week I visited Sydney again)

The other day in class, we were doing a SWOT analysis on ourselves, our personal character (SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). Preparing us to analysis our business. I was having trouble deciding what to put in each of these categories, especially opportunities. The teacher comes over to give some help…she says ‘in Brianna’s journey in life, what is her path, what will be her greatest goals, greatest achievements?’ The first thing that came to my was family.

Fellow class members over heard my response and were slightly surprised. A discussion about family then began and random advice about how to find the right partner somehow came about. It was funny, but good.

Yes, I have goals of finding success in my career, but I know that there will be a significant gap… when I am a mother. Right now I am young, social, dating, seeking my career. One day my own family will be the most important thing. Seasons come seasons go, but each wonderful season of our lives must be lived in there fullest.

BJ xx