Beautiful lace to be featured in a brides dress

If you didn’t already know, I am starting my own couture wedding dress business. There’s a video here about it. Business is going pretty well (fingers crossed it will continue). I am making some wedding dresses for real brides! So exciting! They are beautiful women who are in love and are wanting to commit their lives to another person…that’s a pretty massive deal isn’t it! I love it that I get to be the one to make the dress for their special moment in time!

Wedding dresses are taking step back in time, vintage is very in. Both of the brides I am creating gowns for have chosen lace in their dress (see the picture featured). Lace is vintage, it’s timeless, it’s classy, it’s feminine, it’s delicate, it’s beautiful. All the things a woman should feel and be on their special day.

This vintage influence also brings modesty back into the picture. I like it! I don’t believe in ‘sexy’ wedding gowns, even if you aren’t the religious type or would generally choose modest clothes anyway, it should be a rule that a wedding gown should not be ridiculously revealing. A bride has already found her man, the love of her life, she doesn’t need to flaunt her fabulous bod’ it uncomfortably. She needs to, most importantly, feel absolutely beautiful and desireable, then her confidence will shine, she will smile, she will radiate and her man…well, he’ll just fall even more in love.

BJ xx