These past two weeks or so I have had a friend visiting from America. Me and another girl from Melbourne were her companions (teaching partners) for part of the 18 months we were missionaries. It was such a wonderful reunion and sad to say good bye…why does America have to be so very far away! But, what a memorable time! We packed in so many great and wonderful Aussie experiences for her!  Kangaroos, koalas, beaches, bush, city, food, Timtams, I even got her to try Vegimite again (still didn’t like it…ah well)! It was almost too many…we were all very exhausted!

It has made me think about friends! How wonderfully important they are in our lives. Always remembers those who are your friends, who have been your friend , and keep your heart open to those who may be your future besties! These people surrounding us play such a big role in shaping who we are and who we will be!

Most importantly, be the greatest friend you can be.

BJ xx