I can’t believe how fast these past few weeks have gone. I’ll be completing my small business certificate course this week. The finale product is a completed business plan. Once that is done I’ll be able to put it all into action, slowly but surely, and work with-in my business full-time. So exciting!

They say it can take 1 – 2 years or even more for a new business to start running successfully. Many of them fail because of this long, hard trek. Persistence and passion is the key. I believe I have those things. I’m excited to discover the possibilities and pathways this business can take, in the far away or maybe not so far future.

Something that one of the teachers said today was ‘what would you do if you knew you would succeed?’

There are endless possibilities and directions we can take our lives. Whatever you may say is holding you back from your goal, or career, or life, or whatever it may be..the reality is that it’s just you. Ultimately, we are the only one holding us back.

What would you do if you knew you would succeed?

BJ xx

Watch this video to find out more about the bridal business I’m starting