Here are a few more shots from the photo shoot.

I found a little something I have been waiting for in the mail box this morning. It was a sample of my brand labels! I had a tiny smile of excitement as I opened up the envelope to see the embroidered words ‘Brianna Joy’. It makes this, starting a bridal business thing seem just that little bit more real and achievable!

But in all reality, there’s a lot more to making this successful then having some pretty labels. I just feel like there is so much for me to learn! Of course we automatically keep learning as we do, which is happening most days, bit by bit, but I love the idea of having a teacher and a mentor. So, I have been thinking about going back to study next year, just part-time. I am looking at a course in Styling and Couture which focuses specifically on pattern-making and sewing for couture gowns. Sounds pretty great hey!

Continuing to educate ourselves is so important no matter what path we are taking! Even if it’s just reading good books! It’s one remedy for a happy, healthy mind.

BJ xx