I was watching a morning show a couple of days ago. The beautiful Australian model Robyn Lawley was interviewed because she has just started a contract to be the new face of Ralph Lauren! You might be wondering ‘whats the big deal about this, models are getting these contracts all the time’, but the thing about her is that she’s actually considered a ‘plus-size’ model! This is a break through in the fashion industry.

In Lawley’s interview she talked about being a healthy you. I found out that in her pursuits to be a model she struggled with getting her weight down to the industry requirements. After many struggles with dieting and exercise she realised that she just needed to embrace her natural shape. She wasn’t a size 8 and to stay a size 8 just made her sick! She wasn’t happy and she wasn’t healthy. So she went into plus-size modelling.

I love the example she is setting! It is important for us to eat healthy and exercise, but all in moderation (because chocolate treats and juicy hamburgers are too good to forever turn away!). So, what-ever dress size you wear, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are the happiest healthiest you. This is a step towards allowing women to see that there is beauty found in all shapes and sizes. I love the example this beautiful model is setting and can’t wait to see a greater variety of women portrayed in all magazines.

Stay beautiful!

BJ xx

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