I have missed posting on my blog! Far too much has happened that I have not shared on here. One thing that has been quite exciting is the wonderful racing season! To be honest, before this year I had never attended the races. I’m not really into horse racing or gambling, or drinking…the only thing that would get me there is the fashion. So this year, I let it take me there.

Firstly, at the local races in Geelong. I made a dress for myself and my sister (she usually goes every year – last year taking home the judges choice Geelong Advertiser best dressed award), we entered the competitions of course, no wins this year, but l thought we looked great (only a little bit bias)


Next I wanted to take it to Melbourne and see the best of the Fashion on the Fields – so I decided to enter the Myer Fashion on the Fields Design Competition. You need an invitation to enter this one, so I got that (which included two free tickets to the races!) and went to work on creating an entry.

Being my first time my goal was just to get past the first cut. But I was so excited to receive a placement amongst the top 10 designs! Here is my design being worn by the stunning model Alexandra King.



(waiting for the top 3 places to be announced!)

I’ll definitely be going for the win next year!