The Christmas holidays can be a crazy busy time. We can easily get caught up in the business of it all and forget to relax and enjoy. Running from family to family without actually spending time with any family because you’re late or have to leave early, or you’re in a terrible food coma.

Sometimes weddings can be a little bit like this. There is so much organising, planning, preparing, worrying. When I was planning for my wedding, there were definitely some stressful tear filled moments (my now husband will definitely agree). From finances, to who to invite to the wedding, to what my dress design will be (of course the most important of the three). I think all brides-to-be can definitely become a little too lost in the moment and forget the reason for it all; celebrating their love with people they love.


My Husband and I practicing our first dance.

My advice to brides-to-be; stress less, smile more, love freely, and keep those people that are most important to you, at the top of your priority list.



My brothers and sister, and Mum and Dad (one brother is absent).

BJ xx